Caravans & Glamping

There is no better way to welcome the summer season than to head outdoors on an adventure. After all, the weather in the UK doesn't always favour attempts to commune with nature. We should take advantage of this opportunity while we have it and take our loved ones along for the ride. The whole family can join despite differences in fitness and temperament. Those who are not inclined to sweat it out or get uncomfortable can still be included as long as the activities planned are suitable for everyone. For example, you might try fun glamping new forest adventures with a caravan.

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What is Glamping?

Traditional camping usually involves a makeshift shelter like a tent where people can stay for the duration of the activity. These are generally small so that hikers don't get tired carrying heavy equipment. As such, they are not always comfortable to be in. They are also set on the ground which could be hard and rocky. When it's raining, it can even be wet and soggy. Even the food can be a struggle since you have to cook everything yourself using a camping stove and a cook set. Bugs and other creatures could be a cause for concern. Some might not be happy with these conditions.

It is fortunate that there is now such a thing as glamping. This is a nice play on words combining glamour and camping. That is precisely what it is: making a notoriously challenging endeavour into a luxurious experience. The level of comfort and convenience will differ from place to place. Some offer larger tents, cabins, tiny homes, and similar accommodations. These will have various amenities such as electricity, Internet, shower facilities, toilets, 24/7 security, and many more. You will have the comforts of home even though you're far away. The most demanding travellers can find options that will suit their tastes.

Why Use a Caravan?

Many opt to rent a caravan for their glamping exploits. Vehicles used for this purpose have usually been customised to provide an optimal experience. They can fit an entire family including the pets for a great adventure. Since much of the difficulties have been removed, even small kids can come along with no hesitation. The best thing about renting a campervan is that you can use it to explore all that New Forest has to offer. It's a big place with many hidden treasures. You can move to different areas throughout your stay to make the most out of the trip.

Use it to try some of the 15 campsites across the 14,000-acre land. You will never run out of places to discover and activities to try. You won't hesitate to move around since you will always have everything you need in the vehicle including cooking, dining, safety, and sleeping equipment. The interiors are clean and inviting. They are spacious enough to sleep two adults and two kids. There is even a pop-up roof on many of these to increase interior volume and make occupants more comfortable.