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The joking stopped as we walked further away from the traditional Palestinian restaurant in East Jerusalem, called Philadelphia. All the guidebooks had recommended it. Even President Jimmy Carter called it his personal favorite. Yet there was something downright creepy about the entire experience. Philadelphia was certainly an odd name for a traditionally minded Middle Eastern restaurant, and Jerusalem isn’t exactly the city of brotherly love. Still, always seeking out something unique and authentic, we decided to leave the cosmopolitan, very Jewish West Jerusalem for the riskier, heavily Arab-populated area known as East Jerusalem.

When we arrived at the Cavalieri, I asked the cab driver to wait, went into reception, explained what had happened and asked for ten Euro to pay the driver. Without any further questions, the cashier handed me the money and I paid the tab. Then I came back in and broke down. The desk manager and client relations manager were already waiting for me. Someone else had gone to get a glass of water for Alex. I tearfully explained what had happened.

Unfortunately, the same tendency toward predictability and familiarity also keeps us at the same income level, sets the boundaries of our success potential, and establishes patterns that short-circuit our desire for more success and money.

8 Be Away for the Day. One of the easiest Halloweens we ever had with our children involved no costumes and no hassle. We had spent 4 days at Disney World and were driving home when we and they realized it was October 31st and we were five states away from home. There was some momentary regrets and long faces until they recognized that in the trade off they had gone to Disney World , then we all had a good laugh and recognized that we had come out ahead. We discovered when we stopped at a Restaurant for Family Dinner Seminyak Bali near me that Halloween was of course going on without us but he kids were happy just to get an extra candy bar given out at the restaurant to celebrate the day. They remember that Halloween fondly .

When you are planning a night out with the family it is always a good idea to plan in advance. This eliminates any unnecessary waiting and the chance that you won’t be able to do exactly what you planned. Get out your yellow pages and look at the variety of restaurants in your area. Find the Lake Mary and Seminole County Mexican restaurants and give them a quick call. You should find out if they prefer reservations or if a diner can typically get in right away. If they accept reservations make some for your family.

On the Executive Floor there is food and beverage all day long. Alex consoled himself with chocolate truffles and I with a glass of white wine. He put his arm around me. “It’s going to be O.K. Mom.” I asked for the password for the Internet. The attendant began to ask me for my passport — A new Italian law requires hotel internet users to register — She stopped in mid-sentence, “Oh, are you the Signora that had her purse stolen with your passport in it?” I nodded. “Go right in,” she said, “I’ll figure out a way to register you.” I was amazed. A hotel staff that actually communicates — what a novel concept. Later, a staff member accompanied me to the police station despite the fact that I speak Italian fluently — “Just in case…” he told me.

We lost touch again in the 1990s, but every time we connected we always talked about one day meeting each other. In all those years, though, we never found the opportunity to do so.

Father’s Day is a time for dads to be honored. They do a lot for their families and they need to know that we appreciate them. As business owners, they support us in ways that others don’t and that is what helps make our businesses a success. More than likely without their help, we would have more stress and we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. So give the husband in your life an extra hug and tell him thanks for the support!

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