Wealth Management Guidelines For Anyone Seeking To Generate Wealth And Remain Rich

If there is one lesson that I have learned well as a successful Internet marketer, it is this: The money is in the niche! You see, even without a subscriber list, you can still make wads of cash online. But without a hyper-responsive niche, your business is a dead duck. You need to find real white hot niches to strike a fortune online.

All of these events are now factual events of history…and if you missed out, then that is your fault. Well maybe it’s your money management company or some clown on any of a number stupid “Business TV” news shows and networks. Pick one their all terrible.

As a Wealth Manager advisor, I have been helping clients from both categories. Those who have accumulated considerable wealth would like to hang on to it; and those who are still on their way need strategies for how to get there.

So…you do the math. Invest in a US Dollar that is now turning into toilet paper and get an annual .16% or buy a Canadian 1yr Bill and get the 113 basis points and a possible additional 59 cents for every 1 dollar you invest. Or go the event stronger road and invest in Aussie 1yr T-Bill and get an extra 462 basis points and an additional possible 25 to 35 cent for every 1 dollar you invest ?

The 1 year Rising certificates of deposits is earning an APY of 0.30%, 0.35% and 0.40%. The 1 year Rising CD is earning an APY of 0.55%, 0.60% and 0.65% when you also have a Premier Checking account open at Sovereign Bank.

First, these investors were being asked to invest a substantial portion of their nest egg into a single type of product. This is the first red-flag. Never, ever, put all or even half of your eggs into one investment basket.

You do have a choice ! Also the US Dollar is not a safe or stable currency! Yes you heard me right. The US Dollar is not the “safe haven” currency of choice for the world any more. Those days are over ! The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury have basically gutted the US Dollar’s foundational strength it took 200 yrs to create in only about 24 months. I think we call that leadership…..right ?

Don’t let that stop you. There are competent advisors available whose whole mission is to understand the big picture and all your options. They can help you decide which ones actually help you accomplish your goals instead of serving the private agenda of the “other” kind of advisor who gives you only a few of the traditional options that make him the most money.

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