75 Years of Butlins – A Great Book Out

75 years of Fun!!

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Holidays in Skegness and Butlins!!

Millions have enjoyed trips to Butlin’s Holiday Camps across the UK. They have been a staple part of the UK holiday scene for 75 years. What a joy and how did they do that?

Well two ex-Butlin staff : Sylvia Endacott and Shirley Lewis have written all about their experiences and the enigma of the late great Billy Butlin. I am reading it now and it is a joy and great reminder for anyone who experienced Butlins during the 60s through to the 90’s. The book is quite rightly called “Butlin’s: 75 Years of Fun!” and is available to buy online Amazon or download in Kindle Readers.

I love the intro bit that describes Billy Butlin’s character:He is publicity conscious and blasts his name in print with all gimmick guns blazing because it is good for business. He is generous … he is a sort of soft-centred hard caramel of a man. He is a personality in hos own right but shy  …. In short he is BILLY BUTLIN – loved by his campers, respected as “The Gov’nor”by his staff.

Happy reading campers !