Bikers in Chapel St Leonards

C2C2C Logo 2014Have you heard of “C2C2C”? Well it stands for Castle to Coast to Castle, a large group of cyclists trying to get fit and raise money for charity. 350 cyclists will be biking 100 miles as part of the C2C2Ccharity bike ride.

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The 100 mile bike ride is from Lincoln to Chapel St Leonards and back again, hence the name!!  It has been organised by cyclists from four businesses in Lincoln. This year’s ride, takes place on Thursday, June 26.

As you know Lincolnshire is a great county for cycling long distances because it’s big and flat and there’s a wide open spaces. of course we all know the beauty of Lincolnshire especially green and colourful in the summer.

The idea came from too much time sitting in an office, getting lazy and unfit. So they organised a bike ride for the business community to train for and also to have a bit of fun – the charity bit is a massive bonus and gives and incentive to finish of course.

This year, organisers have chosen to support two charities: Cyclists Fighting Cancer and Different Strokes, but individuals can also raise funds for their own chosen charities. Last year, £15,000 was raised.

Registration is now closed but you’ll see these hardly lot on the roads between Lincoln and Chapel St Leonards  on Thursday, June 26. So if you see them show your support, put a few coppers in their tins for a good cause!

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