Skegness All-Weather Lifeboats

We all know what a great job the RNLI do. Skegness has a very busy lifeboat crew, especially in the summer.

Skegness lifeboat

Skegness lifeboat. Flickr c2009 JonDave

Skegness has no harbour for a lifeboat to be left permanently afloat, and nowhere for a slipway, so the boats have to be launched across the beach and off a trailer. Since 1825 when the first lifeboat was put on station at Gibralter Point, the lifeboats of Skegness have been launched by man-power, horses and, more recently, tractors. The current all-weather lifeboat, a 12m Mersey class boat weighs over 14 tons, but still has to be pulled across the beach on a carriage.