B&W Pictures are a Gem!

Wow! Nostalgia eh? We love these old pictures and posters from the old days of Skegness and Butlins as shown on FlashBak.  They paint a care-free and happy portrait of the early days of Skeggy when Sir Billy Butlin set up camp in the area. It looks very busy too.

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Billy Butlins First Holiday Camp, Skegness 1948

Sir William Butlin conceived of its creation based on his experiences at a Canadian summer camp in his youth and by observation of the actions of other holiday accommodation providers, both in seaside resort lodging houses and in earlier smaller holiday camps.

Gran Parade and the Embassy Theatre

Construction of the camp began in 1935 and it was opened in 1936, when it quickly proved to be a success with a need for expansion. The camp included dining and recreation facilities, such as dance halls and sports fields. During World War II, the camp was subject to a short military occupation when it served as a Naval training base, reverting to being a holiday camp in 1946. Over the past 75 years the camp has seen continuous use and development, in the mid-1980s and again in the late 1990s being subject to substantial investment and redevelopment.

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