Visit Bateman’s Brewery

Visitor CentreWell, there is no point in denying it, we like a real ale now and again! And the award winning Bateman’s Ales are a joy to drink. Bateman’s are renowned in the Lincolnshire area and you’ll see their pubs and signs very often as you travel around the area.

So seems a good idea to us to take a the opportunity to visit their excellent Visitor Centre in Wainfleet, near Skegness where they make their “Good Honest Ales“.

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Based in an old windmill dating back two centuries and overlooking the River Steeping, Batemans Brewery is one of the oldest and most picturesque breweries in the country.

Our Visitors Centre, known for ‘Fun Food and Froth’, is home to a range of attractions that will keep the whole family entertained. Visitors from across the globe come to our Brewery to enjoy an exciting day out, filled with games and competitions, Brewery tours, great Lincolnshire food and interesting displays with artefacts dating back to 1899.

Throughout the Visitors Centre there is displays of the old and new bottled beers from around the world and on the ceiling a great range of brewery/drink related posters.

Just five minutes walk from Wainfleet railway station, the Visitors Centre is open Wednesday to Sunday inclusive and offers an exciting insight into the brewing process and its much cherished heritage. Take a tour around the Victorian brew house, where much of the equipment is made of brass and copper.

The tour is fun and entertaining, taking you around our magnificent new Brewhouse and its inscribed brickwork. Opened in 2002 ‘The Theatre of Beers’ was named after the famous Manchester United stadium ‘The Theatre of Dreams’. Fans of the football club have their names printed on bricks in the walls within the stadium, similar to the printed bricks in our new Brewhouse walls.

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If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Visitors Centre on 01754 882009 or email